No Pain – No Gain!

The saying “No Pain, No Gain” has been the mantra of many coaches, athletes and parents for many years.

The real saying should be Pain – No gain. Pain is the language your body uses to tell you something is not right. We need to begin to teach athletes how to take care of their bodies and that begins with learning how to listen to their bodies. There is nothing heroic or brave about sitting on the sidelines because you didn’t pay attention pain or muscle tightness or cramping.

Unless coaches reinforce the message that athletes need to pay attention to pain, then the unspoken message may be that pain is a sign of weakness. This is a very dangerous belief for an athlete. Many will try to play through the pain; others will not speak up for fear of being viewed as weak.

“Unfortnuately, I see many injured athletes in my practice who could have avoided the injury if they had paid attention or sought help earlier.