Helping Teenagers Succeed

boy -12Having worked with teenagers for more than 30 years, I fully understand the trials and tribulations, not to mention the stress, facing teens and their families.

Many of the things we require our teens to do…planning, executing, managing, scheduling, cognition, working memory, inhibition, and shifting to new tasks are difficult to accomplish.  This is because these functions are call Executive Functions and are stored in the prefrontal lobe of the brain. They are not fully developed until the teen reaches the mid 20’s.  Yet school, family, athletics, choosing courses, planning for college, getting along with friends are activities we demand they accomplish.

There is an answer to these issues.  We can help the teen learn how to use these executive functions to his best advantage.

My program, “My Plan 4 Success” can help the teen organize his life…at home, with friends, in the community, in the class room, on the athletic field, and career development.

family -8Parents – come to one of my seminars on The Teen Brain.  The information we share during this workshop can help you deal with your teen in much more positive ways.  Your stress and your teen’s stress will be greatly diminish so  you can enjoy your family life together.