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Recent research has shown that approximately 75% of most injuries and chronic pain conditions are a result of trigger points. Trigger Points are hypersensitive knots of tissue that form between other tissues causing the muscle, tendon, or ligament to contract. As the trigger grows, more tissue becomes involved creating more contractions and finally inflexibility, pain and injury.

Trigger points or stress points may also cause muscle soreness and decreased flexibility. These points are specific spots in muscle and tendons which cause pain when pressed, and which may radiate pain to a larger area. They are not bruises, but are thought by some to be small areas of spasm. Trigger points may be caused by sudden trauma (like falling or being hit), or may develop over time from the stress and strain of heavy physical exertion or from repeated use of a particular muscle.

Each trigger point in the body has a distinct pain pattern associated with it. In traditional medicine, focus is on the pain itself. Doctors prescribe medications, physical therapy, and other treatments focused on getting rid of the pain. But what happens when the pain caused by a trigger point in another part of the body?

As a nationally-recognized Trigger Point Therapist, my job is to find the trigger points causing your pain and eliminate them. If you suffer from chronic pain in your shoulder, back, neck, knee, ankle or virtually any other part of your body, you owe it to yourself to try trigger point therapy.