Corporate Wellness

Announcing “Wellness at Work”

The Center for Health & Athletic Performance, LLC (CHAP) has designed a wellness program that can be implemented on site at your establishment.

Our program includes various aspects of wellness that can help your employees and their families thrive.  Wellness begins with educating employees about various aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  Offering these informational seminars during work hours demonstrates corporate support.

The on site programs include:

Farmer's market produceA Nutrition Seminar where participants will learn how to develop a personal and simple nutrition plan and family meal planning.  Various “Diet Plans” will be debugged.



A stress management program called CHILL TIME where employees will learn about stress, its negative impact on production and life in general. and will learn various ways to deal with stress including breathing exercises 002431-stressed-studentfor relaxation and focus, body scanning for muscle tightness, visualization and how to limit “trash talking.”  This program can also be provided to families.

packingA support seminar for parents of teens about the teen brain and its executive functions such as planning, initiating, managing and seven others which are not fully developed until the mid-20’s and what parents can do to help their teen.

A seminar on Trigger Point Therapy and how this amazing therapy can help employees end chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries.  Trigger points account for more than 80% of all infraspinatus01muscle pain.  This therapy can also save corporations a great deal of money.