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doc warnock

I learned about the power of massage therapy when I was 10 years old.  I suffered from asthma as a child and often couldn’t sleep due to wheezing and coughing.  My parents would sit with me hoping I could sleep but finally they would go to bed.

Shortly after my parents went to bed my grandmother would pad quietly down the hall and sit on the edge of my bed.  She would reach over to rub my back.  It felt so good.  The next thing I knew it was morning! I had slept all night.  I was always fascinated that she could help me relax just by rubbing my back.

After my freshman year in college, I took a summer course in basic massage.  It was amazing to learn how to use my hands to help a person relax or heal from an injury.  After that course my journey into massage and bodywork took me to California where I visited the Esalen Institute; to Atlanta where I worked with athletes and to many seminars and workshops.

In 1962 while I was still in college,  I met Dr. Janet Travell.  She was the White House physician for President Kennedy and President Johnson and, together with her associate, Dr. Simon, wrote the two volume “bible” on trigger point therapy.  She taught me about trigger points.  It was fascinating and I have spent the last 40+ years perfecting my skills in this amazing process.

Utilizing my skills in myofascial release, neuromuscular facilitation, clinical and medical massage and trigger point therapy, I can help those who comes to my clinic stop their pain from chronic conditions,  athletic injuries, industrial repetitive stress injuries, ADD, PTSD and more.

This blog will be about those people who trusted me to help them thrive.  Through their stories and my experience you will learn about the body and how it heals as well as other wellness topics.  My goal is to help you and your family or co-workers thrive.  You know – being healthy just means not being sick – but eating well, exercising, dealing with stress and other issues can help you go way beyond just being healthy.   You will thrive. And that’s a good thing!

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