In The Beginning

I’ve thought about writing a blog in the past but a recent experience with a poster 6new client convinced me that I could help many people with information they do not get from traditional medical practitioners or popular treatments.

A 37-year old account executive was referred to me by one of her colleagues who was one of my regular clients.  The woman suffered from chronic shoulder pain.

As we discussed her past experiences in trying to find a successful treatment she talked about visiting several orthopedists who prescribed various medications, ordered x-rays and MRI’s and referred her to physical therapy.  After 18 visits to the physical therapist with no success, she decided to visit a chiropractor.  Again, she endured 12 visits with no satisfaction.  When she returned to work one day totally exasperated my client told her to visit with me.

As soon as she arrived she told me she was very skeptical about my ability to help her but she was desperate.

I asked her to lie down on the table and began to palpate the muscles around her shoulder blade.  She winced as I found various trigger points.  I worked in this area for a while and then asked her to turn over.  I took her arm above her head and palpated her subscapularis – one of the four rotator cuff muscles that stabilize the shoulder.  It hurt at first, but then the pain subsided.

I asked her to stand and move her arm in various motions.  There was no pain.  She had the look of total amazement.  She had no pain.  She had full range of motion.

I told her about trigger points – tiny nodules of tissue that form in muscles and cause more than 75% of muscle pain.  She asked me why no one else told her about this.  I suggested that the traditional medical community tends to ignore trigger point therapy because they were not trained in the process. i guess they would rather ignore it than admit they didn’t know something so useful and simple

She said, “Then you have to tell people about this amazing treatment.  You can’t keep this a secret.  Please write about this on the internet so people will find answers to their pain.  I don’t want them to go through what I had to endure.  I know I am going to tell everyone I know”.

So…I am on a mission. I will be sharing stories about my work with athletes, office workers, men and women with chronic pain such as carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica, lumbar back pain, migraine headaches and how I have helped children and teens with ADD, ADHD, ASD, and many more.

I hope you will find answers to your pain.  Let’s pull the trigger and kill the pain!