About My Work

“I’m a pretty healthy person, except that my back hurts sometimes.”

Have you ever heard a friend or family member say something like this?

You see, I think “being healthy” means just not being sick.  To be optimally healthy or thriving means that your body doesn’t hurt, you can do whatever you want, you can do your job without stress or pain, you can play with your children and you can sleep well at night. Or they might say, “I’m ok as long as I don’t sit at the computer too long.”

The problem is that many of us have what is termed in the medical world as “Chronic” issues.  To me, the word “Chronic” means we’ve tried everything and nothing works, so you’re going to have to just live with it…or its all in your head.  Well, when my back hurts, it hurts!  That pain is in my back, not my head!

Well, here at HELP MY THRIVE,  I am going to offer some alternatives to traditional medical treatments.  I am going to share case histories of some of my clients so you will learn about alternatives available to you…primarily clinical massage therapy and Trigger Point Therapy.

I am also going to blog about healthy nutrition, managing stress, exercise and fitness and how to support your children who might be student/athletes.

In other words, reading this blog will help you and your family thrive.